About the project

Beginning in 2010, ISS developed a global programme focusing on International Family Mediation. This programme aims to protect children involved in parental conflicts across national borders. The project originated through a political will by States to use mediation as a mode for resolving contradictory legal rulings involving two or more countries. To strengthen the effectiveness of mediation, ISS conducts projects that inform and facilitate access to mediation among all actors involved in cross-border family conflicts: families, professionals and administrative and legal authorities. It recommends international family mediation as a reliable avenue that ensures individual rights and complements any legal proceedings to settle the disputes.

This dedicated multilingual website presents information about international family mediation practice worldwide. It is intended for families all over the globe – regardless of origin, religion and composition – who are experiencing conflict with cross-border elements. The website acts as a tool to ensure a wider dissemination of reliable information among families and professionals across the world. It provides practical information on international family mediation and the international legal framework of individual countries. The website emphasises that the interests of the children are at the core of international family mediation and presents information, testimonies, studies and experiences reflecting the many benefits as well as the limits of cross-border family mediation.

The overall objective of this website is to highlight the legal complexity of cross-border situations and raise awareness that mediation can be a simple and professional avenue of conflict resolution accompanying legal proceedings to settle cross-border disputes.